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This page contains some of the innovations, techniques and inventions developed by Associate Professor Sandow. A number of them contain links which provides additional information, and further details can be obtained by emailing [javascript protected email address]

(Legend: Pa – Patented, Pu – Published outcome data, COI – actual or potential commercial interest by A/P Sandow)

Research and Innovations

Arthroscopic Trans-Osseous Knotless Rotator Cuff Repair

ATOK – The Arthroscopic Transosseous Knotless anchor is a newly designed device for repairing the torn rotator cuff - particularly in older patients with softer bone and poorer healing capacity. More details at

Pa / Pu / COI

Research and Innovations

Porous Metal Glenoid Augment

PMGA – Porous Metal Glenoid Augment is a device to facilitate total shoulder replacement where the glenoid is deformed or retroverted, which leads to improved patient outcomes.
Pu / COI


Research and Innovations

Scapho-lunate Reconstruction - ANAFAB

ANAFAB – Anatomical front and back repair for scapho-lunate dissociation. Treating severe ligament injures in the wrist can be difficult. The ANAFAB repair provides an effective and proven solution to restore function following wrist injury.
Pu / COI

Research and Innovations

3D Surgical Planning and Templanting True Life Anatomy

True Life Anatomy software was developed in Adelaide to assist in biomechanical understanding, diagnosis, planning and treatment of a range of musculo-skeletal disorders. Numerous papers have been published, based on the technology, and TLA VPOPS (virtual pre-operative planning system) can assist surgeons to treat patients. Further details at
Pa / Pu / COI


Research and Innovations

Wakefield Shoulder Program, Strength, Flexibility, Space

The management of shoulder injuries can be a challenge. The doctors and physiotherapists at Wakefield Orthopaedic Clinic and Wakefield Sports Clinic have carried out research to identify the important factors to optimise care. This is detailed at

Research and Innovations

HGLS - Proximal Humeral Fracture Classification

HGLS – A classification system for proximal humeral fractures. This allows a fracture to be characterised in a simple and reproducible way that allows the surgeon to understand the treatment options and prognosis. The system has been validated and correlated with other studies. More details at:


Research and Innovations

eCR - Electronic Clinical Records

Macropace eCR is an electronic clinical records system that allows seamless transition to a paperless EMR environment - without compromising efficiency or patient care. It interfaces with the existing Medical records systems to improve doctor / patient relationship, and creates a “Integrative Critical Centrality” portal to access patient care needs including radiology, pathology and outcomes tracking. More details at:

Research and Innovations

EMUPA - Extended Medial Ulnar Pronation Approach

Total Elbow Replacement is a challenging and sometimes unpredictable operation. Retaining the muscle attachments reduces the chances of postoperative weakness, but can make it more difficult to perform the procedure. The EMUPA is an alternate surgical approach that allows good access, while keeping the critical muscles attached. Details at:


Research and Innovations

Tennis Elbow Twister

Tennis elbow is a frustrating and painful condition and some treatments can cause harm. A simple and graduated exercise program using a reciprocal concentric and eccentric exercises is consistent with the latest evidence of what may be safe and effective for this condition. More details at:

Research and Innovations

The RAW Hamstrings

The RAW HamstringsTM program provides a way to exercise the leg muscles in a balanced and effective way for both training and rehabilitation. Using light ankle weights increases the eccentric loading of the hamstrings during normal running, and research is underway to identify the optimum technique to build function and facilitate injury recovery. More details at:

Other innovations include:

Shoulder traction frame for shoulder arthroscopy.

Precision Bone Grafting System for bone preparation and grafting.

Adelaide Flexor Tendon Repair for repairing lacerated or damaged tendons of the hand and elsewhere.

PACTAN tendon and nerve approximation device to assist the surgical repair of tendons and nerves.

IV 3000 occlusive finger dressings to treat fingertip lacerations.

Costo-osteochondral (Rib) Grafting to treat avascular or fragmented scaphoid fractures.

RadCard electronic records sharing system using encrypted and secure USB card.

Trans Pec. Major Biceps tenodesis to stabilize a damaged or ruptured long head of biceps muscle.

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