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GLA:D® (Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark) is an education and exercise program that was developed in Denmark for people who have hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms.

First line treatment for hip or knee osteoarthritis

Based on the latest evidence in osteoarthritis research, combined with feedback from people in the program on what works, it aims to help you manage and even reduce your own osteoarthritis symptoms. The program is focused on exercises that improve joint stability and muscle control to reduce pain and give you an improved quality of life.

GLA:D® Australia training involves:

  • An initial 40-minute assessment with one of the Wakefield Sports + Exercise Medicine Clinic GLA:D® trained physiotherapists, providing an assessment and information regarding the program.
  • Two, one-hour long education sessions regarding osteoarthritis and the importance of exercise, how the GLA:D® program works to improve pain and function, as well as maintaining this once you have completed the program.
  • 12, one-hour physiotherapist-led group neuromuscular exercises sessions (ideally twice a week for six weeks) to improve muscle control, strength, joint alignment and function.
  • A review with your assessing physiotherapist to discuss your management following the program, once the classes have finished.
  • A three-month review to reassess your functional abilities.

Outcomes experienced by GLA:D® participants include:

  • Symptom progression reduced by 32%
  • Less pain
  • Reduced use of joint-related pain medication
  • High level of satisfaction
  • Increased levels of physical activity

Download GLA:D® Australia Info Sheet

Download GLA:D® Australia Session Times

Sessions are available at the Wakefield Sports + Exercise Medicine Clinic from both the Calvary Adelaide Hospital and Next Gen Gym sites.

For more information, please visit Wakefield Sports + Exercise Medicine Clinic or call the Next Gen Clinic on  .

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