WOC Weekly Webinars

7.30am – 8.30am Every Wednesday

Zoom webinar on a range of Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine topics.

Wakefield Orthopaedic clinic is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

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Join the meeting from 7.25am each Wednesday by using the log in above. You do not need a webcam as you will be able to view and hear the webinar from your browser and computer speakers. Having a webcam will allow you to be seen and to ask questions, but you can remain anonymous.

During the session, questions can be raised either via the webcam and microphone or via the CHAT function in Zoom. Submit cases and question via [email protected] prior to the session if you would like them discussed.

Please ensure that no patient privacy issues are created and all x-rays or patient details must be removed, however, if you have not been able to remove such information, we can do this prior to presenting the case.


  1. Overview of topics to cover latest approaches from Primary Health Care perspective. Topics include upper and lower limb disorders and reconstructive surgery, Sports Medicine and other topics such as gout, back pain and arthritis.
  2. Case examples
  3. Question and Answer.
    • Log on as a participant
    • Submit cases
    • Ask questions.

Commencing: 4th November 2020 and every Wednesday thereafter.

Sessions will be recorded and available (via www.woc.com.au) for viewing for 4 weeks.

Click on the hyperlinked topic titles to view previously presented webinars.

 Date  Region  Topic  Presenter
 4th November 2020  Upper Limb  Rotator cuff tendonitis and tears  Michael Sandow
 11th November 2020   Lower Limb  Hip pain and arthritis  Luke Mooney
 18th November 2020  Upper Limb  Shoulder Arthritis Chen Tu
 25th November 2020  Lower Limb  Knee pain and arthritis  Richard Clarnette
 2nd December 2020  Upper Limb  Tennis elbow and elbow injuries  Michael Sandow
 9th December 2020  Lower Limb  ACL tears  Will Duncan


Topics: Upper / lower limb, Sports Medicine, Trauma, Physiotherapy, guest presenters on gout/RA/back pain etc.
Request topics from GP participants.

CME point have not been applied for as the format is designed to be informal topic discussion and case-based examples. The aim is not to cover the latest technological advances unless they are pertinent to patient management at the primary care interface.

Participants are encouraged to ask questions and submit cases for discussion.

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