Research Foundation

In 1995, the Wakefield Orthopaedic Clinic established its own Research Foundation to advance the development of orthopaedic medicine. This foundation provides funding to support research and development of improved ways of managing orthopaedic injuries. The important part of the Foundation’s role is to oversee the regular review of knee, hip and shoulder joint replacements which are followed carefully on a long term basis to ensure that the best prostheses are used and that any problems can be identified early.

The fund is supported by the Clinic members and members of the public through donations and importantly from companies that manufacture the actual joint replacements who are committed to quality assurance of their products.

Through an active Fellowship and Research Program the clinic has made significant contributions to the improvement of orthopaedic surgical procedures and techniques. In addition, the results of various research projects undertaken by visiting overseas Fellows have been published in medical journals worldwide.


The Wakefield Orthopaedic Clinic and the Wakefield Orthopaedic Foundation receives funding from implant companies and other service providers to assist in research, education and development. This supports high quality patient care for the community.

Wakefield Orthopaedic Clinic Foundation

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