Direct Anterior Hip Surgery

Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement Surgery has gained increasing popularity in recent years because of is potential to offer more rapid recovery from hip replacement surgery. Many studies have shown improved short-term recovery compared to traditional surgical approaches. The surgical approach is performed through a natural muscle interval rather than detaching muscles from bone to access the hip joint. For patients this can mean less pain, less bleeding, improved hip joint stability and more rapid mobilization.

The anterior approach also offers a very cosmetically appealing vertical or bikini -line skin incision.

The most critical part of any hip replacement surgery (either Anterior or traditional approach) is the accurate insertion of reliable and proven hip replacement components so that the bearing will wear evenly and give decades of pain free service. Whilst the Anterior Approach is not new, it has not routinely been used for hip replacement surgery as access can be more technically demanding. Modern instrument and surgical technique refinements mean the Anterior Approach can now be used safely and reliably to insert a hip replacement that will last the patient for many years. The surgeons at the Wakefield Orthopaedic Clinic who perform the Direct Anterior Approach have trained at International centres of excellence in hip surgery and are extremely qualified to offer you this procedure.

Anterior Approach hip surgery is however not suitable for all patients.
Patients who are excessively overweight, excessively muscular, have osteoporosis or have unusual shaped hip joints may not be suitable for hip replacement through this approach. Consultation with an experienced hip surgeon will determine if the Anterior Approach is suitable for you.

Complications of Anterior Approach hip surgery are similar to that of traditional approach hip surgery. Whilst rates of infection and deep venous thrombosis are similar for all approaches, the rates of hip dislocation and bleeding/blood transfusion are lower with the Anterior Approach. The most common complication specific to Anterior Approach surgery is numbness over the lateral thigh. For most patients this numbness is transient and inconsequential.

If you have hip osteoarthritis that is affecting your quality of life, our hip surgeons would be happy to discuss the suitability of Hip Replacement surgery for you.