Plaster Care (Upper Limb)

The First Days

  • Do not wet or wash the plaster cast.
  • Plaster of Paris dries in 24-48 hours. Fibreglass plasters cure in 20 minutes. Report significant cracks or softening but do not cut or interfere with the plaster yourself.

The First Week

  • For the first 1-2 days, rest and keep the injured limb elevated above your body, arm in a sling, leg on a pillow.
  • To promote circulation, move your fingers and toes frequently. Exercise all joints not in plaster as soon as comfortable.
  • Report immediately to hospital, your specialist or GP if your have:
    • marked blueness of your fingers;
    • numbness or loss of feeling in your fingers or toes;
    • marked swelling of your fingers;
    • persistent severe pain or localised burning under the plaster; or
    • an inability to move your fingers.
  • Do not scratch under the plaster with any objects as this may cause skin ulcers and tends to make any itches worse.

Download our information sheet to learn more about Plaster Care (Upper Limb).